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What is Creampie?

Creampie is a term used in the adult entertainment industry whereby instead of a man ejaculating onto his teen partner, he ejaculates inside the vagina of his girl at the conclusion of the sexual activity. When the man cums inside his partners pussy, this is known as a internal cumshot or creampie.

There are great series of sites and movies that center around this exciting activity. Depending on the theme of the video, the teen or woman might probe the cum with her fingers, or spread her pussy for the camera and show off the cum inside her fertilized pussy. Sometimes the creampie will be eaten by another girl, or sometimes another male will then breed her in an attempt to insemenate her with his load of cum.

Double creampies are an enjoyable aspect of the internal cumshot, as they reflect on the animal instincts in us all. Some have said the human instict, coupled with the design of a mans penis, could indicate that women of days past would be bred by multiple males.

Some scientists believe the shape and design of the male cock has evolved to help in the removal of a rival males creampie during sex. Test have shown that the penis acts as a creampie displacement device and its shape has evolved in part to displace another mans cum from the pussy of a woman.

The thrust of the males cock during sex helps clear out the cum inside her pussy from a previous lovers creampie. The head of a cock is designed to scoop out almost 90% of the creampie left from her previous breeding. Other surveys of college teens indicated that sex tends to be more energetic if the girl is suspected of cheating or been apart, suggesting a sub-conconscious desire by the man to rid his teen of any trace of left over cum from a possilbe previous creampie.

Hey all.. got a couple of new fun writings up, one on surprise creampie and another on sleep sex and internal cumshots. Check em out and enjoy my insights on these two crazy erotic themes.

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Whats is this site all about, well its just about me, and I enjoy authoring short stories about certain events of interest. One of those interestes is the creampie and the other is teens and creampie, now teen to some might mean something else to another, and I reffer to teen as 18 or 19 and being a concenting adult who knowling participates in sexual activity for the gratification of themselves as well as others whom might wish to watch. I personally enjoy writing the stories that, in my opinion, best represent the thoughts that pass thru my mind as I enjoy the visual entertain I find. Everything I write is fiction, as I have no access or contact with beautiful people I write about.

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